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Having your website built by us means you get SEO and online marketing know-how built-in.   

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Are you looking for a good web designer with great SEO support? Then contact us today and make sure your business website earns its money.

Most businesses today require a website. So at the bare minimum, you need someone who is good at web design to build you one if you want to show your business in the best light. Mostly this is as far as it goes for most business owners. They don’t tend to consider the importance of SEO until later on when the phone isn’t ringing and there are no enquiries from the website.

A common mistake is to think that web design includes SEO or that just because the web designer is good with computers and IT, they can sort the SEO as an extra.

Unfortunately, this is rarely the case. Web designers are not SEOs and even some agencies that lay claim to both often lack necessary or even basic skills in one or the other. Both skill sets require years of experience to get right and most people in either profession will agree that there is always something new to learn.

Web design like SEO is always evolving and it takes dedication to these crafts to keep ahead of the game and this is what we can bring to your project.

Web Design & SEO Working Together 

For business owners ignoring SEO in web design presents a major problem. If they ignore SEO they ignore a critical part of building a presence on Google and other search engines and most importantly the site doesn’t give a good return on investment. Web design and SEO must work together effectively and this means the web design process should begin with search engine optimisation in mind.

  • Research & Planning

    Understanding keyword targets is essential if you want to gain traffic for your website and knowing what they are will help you gain an edge right from the beginning. Too many business owners get carried away with design without thinking about how they are going to bring traffic to their website.

    Research & Planning
  • Structure

    Good web design means having a solid structure. If a brand is big and well known, owners can afford to let creatives loose on websites and push the boundaries but for the average business owner, a website needs to look professional and do the job it is intended for. We build websites that convert visitors into customers.

  • Design

    Working on design is important but design alone won’t attract customers if they can’t find the website. A website redesign can be an opportunity to modify the website design so that it performs better. For example, a more logical menu structure where parent categories and subcategories are clearly labelled and easily crawlable by search engines.


Why Choose Us For Web Design?

We have more than 10 years of experience building and optimising websites for clients in various industries. These include the travel industry, estate agents, driving instructors, guesthouse owners, hairdressers and b2b businesses.

If we are involved in the development of your website at an early stage our SEO expertise can help guide decisions on what pages go where and how those pages should be targeted at specific keywords. We can also monitor the performance of those pages post-launch to monitor how well those pages are performing and make adjustments based on the data we gather.

Our website developers are experienced in all aspects of web design, development and SEO from ecommerce stores to small business services websites. We have made sure that we have expertise on hand in all the key areas required to build you a new site.

We even take care of hosting and domain registration to make the process straightforward or if you have already registered a domain we can provide hosting or work with your existing host

Our services include the following:

– Website hosting
– Domain registration
– WordPress specialists
– Ecommerce websites
– SME business websites
– Site migrations
– Company email addresses
– Free SEO Setup Worth £500
– Siteplans
– Includes search engine submissions
– Optional online advertising campaign setup

Affordable Web Design

We build and develop websites that work for your business from our web design studio in Wrexham. All our websites come ready optimised for the search engines and we can even handle site migrations, website cloning and redesigns.

If you are planning to migrate your website, you can feel confident that you are dealing with SEO experts who will make sure everything is transferred correctly to preserve your keyword rankings.

Want your business to look more professional?

We like nothing more than developing lead generating websites for our clients. All the websites we build are mobile optimised as standard so you won’t have to worry about content disappearing off your pages on phones and tablets or not loading properly.

We specialise in WordPress websites, a platform we believe is the simplest and easiest to use as well as having all the functionality you need to keep pace with advances in website technology.

– Responsive on all screen sizes
– Fast Loading
– SEO Optimised

Let us take the weight of web development off your shoulders…

Keeping up with website and Internet technology is hard work. You can have the confidence that we have our fingers on the pulse of all the latest Google algorithm updates leaving you free to focus on growing your business.

We can call upon decades of experience in web development, SEO, Internet marketing and technical SEO. Over the years we have helped many businesses in many different sectors achieve incredible results.

Our own website consistently ranks on the first page in our local areas of Wrexham and Chester and you can also find us among the top ranked SEO companies on a UK level so we know what we are talking about.

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