Warning Signs Of New Google Algorithm Update

Google appears to be rolling out another algorithm update just over a month after the last core algorithm update. This means it is worth checking if you have lost or gained some keyword rankings this week. If it is the former then you may need to check the quality of your web content.

Google hasn’t announced anything officially but there is plenty of discussion taking place in the SEO community and volatility in SERPS is being reported across all the major SEO tracking tools including SEM rush and Rank Ranger highlighted below:

So What’s Occuring With This Algorithm Update?

The update hasn’t created as much volatility as the one in March but it is still a significant one and may have a wide ranging impact.

This continues the pattern of Google making regular tweaks to its algorithm as it attempts to rid the search results of websites displaying poor quality content. This latest update is the third one of the year so far with the first occurring around January 20th and the second on March 8th.

It is believed that this latest update is, as with others to have taken place this year, aimed at maintaining the quality of results. So websites with dodgy thin content or content that simply duplicates what others are writing could feel the impact of this latest update.

The advise for website owners who wish to avoid penalties is to continuing to focus on creating not only good content but the kind of content that attracts and keeps an audience on the page. It also means organising content so that it is easily accessible and fits into a well- structured website that loads fast on mobile as well as on desktop.

*It has since been confirmed that an update did take place in April. Rather than content quality as was speculated on many forums the update targeted content relevancy. So the advise if you have suffered any rankings drop from this latest update is to continue to work on the relevancy of your content to search queries. More information on Google’s latest core algorithm update can be found here.