Top 10 Best SEO Companies In Manchester

If you are looking for the best SEO company in Manchester then you are naturally going to want them to know their stuff. This is why we have decided to embark on a quest to find out what they are made of based on criteria we think provide important indicators of ability.

This top 10 of the best SEO companies in Manchester has been put together wholly independently with analysis using a variety of SEO tools and of course Google’s own search engine.

This quarter, our list of the 10 best SEO Companies in Manchester is dominated by agencies with only two consultancies featuring.

Company  Ranking Keywords Ranking For ‘SEO Manchester’ Ranking Power Link Building Score Blog Rating /5 Our Ranking 566 7 72 4 5 1 373 5 73 1 3 2 19 2 68 0 2 3 1400 10 63 1 4 4 140 6 60 2 4 5 5 1 62 2 3 6 128 8 58 1 3 7 88 4 51 0 0 8 63 12 56 0 2 9 59 9 48 0 3 10

Note: Results taken February 2020.


Manchester SEO company SEO Professor does well in most of the categories we use to measure how well a site is performing. Aside from having the second highest number of ranking keywords in our top 10 (566) the company ranks 7th in the city for the keyword ‘SEO Manchester’. Another measure of a quality SEO company is less about the technical and more about the passion that goes into the marketing. Their blog ranks number one amongst our top 10 for quality. The site also ranks number one for the quality of its link building which helps it to second for ranking power.


Manchester based Agency, Custard, specialise in SEO and PPC according to their website and it looks like they practice what they preach by coming second in our Manchester top 10. With 373 ranking keywords they are one of the heavyweights in our top 10 and their ranking power is currently number one in Manchester. If there is one area that lets them down it’s the blog which is largely made up of the usual prediction and basic advice posts found on most digital agency websites.


Manchester based Candid Sky have their fair share of awards but we rank them third among our best Manchester SEO companies. They are currently punching well above their weight in the local search results ranking second even though they only have 19 ranking keywords overall compared to several hundred for those above and below them. Their ranking power is also third on our list and again if there is an area that lets them down it’s the blog. Despite criticising company news posts they feature plenty of them on their blog.


Barnsley based Big Foot Digital are a full service digital agency rather than being fully focused on SEO. They are the big heavyweights in our Manchester top 10 with 1,400 ranking keywords. Despite this they only rank 10th on Google for SEO in Manchester and don’t have the best link building profile. They do have a blog worthy of a detour which is why they make 4th on our list.


Manchester based Red Cow score reasonably well in all our categories without hitting the heights in any one particular area. They rank 6th on Google locally and have an above average rank power rating, however they only rank prominently in local searches and don’t have a ntional reach. The company blog also offers some interesting insights into various aspects of digital marketing.


Manchester based Net Sixty Six currently rank number one on Google for local Manchester search results which is a big achievement for a website that only has 5 ranking keywords overall. The ranking power of their website is currently up there with the best but the blog ranks below most of the competition. This is very much a site that does well locally and doesn’t yet have a national reach.


With 128 ranking keywords and a local Google ranking of 8, this company is placed just about where it should be in our top 10. The website has a decent blog that is in line with what the competition is doing and if there is a weakness it’s in the number and quality of backlinks. This may be the reason why the site only has an average rank power rating among our top 10.


This website places eighth purely on the strength of it ranking locally on Google (third) and number of ranking keywords (88). It has however lost several of its ranking keywords recently. The blog also has a lot of keyword stuffed article titles which means the on site SEO appears to be a bit old school in approach. The footer says ‘pop in to see us at SEO Manchester’. I rest my case.


This site by local digital marketing expert Neil Walker sells his services as one of Manchester’s most trusted digital consultants and a prominent speaker in the industry. He currently ranks on page two for SEO in his home city and ninth on our list of the best SEOs. His site currently has 63 ranking keywords which is not too shabby for a one man consultancy although the site is let down by a blog that doesn’t feature much content and a lower rank power rating than the competition.


Another small Manchester SEO agency or possibly a one man band this site ranks 10th among our contenders. The site has slightly less ranking keywords (59) than his closest competitor and a rank power rating that is lowest of the top 10. Despite this the site ranks higher at 9th on Google for SEO Manchester. The blog is broadly in line with what the competition offer and not currently up there with the best.

Our methodology for choosing the top 10 companies is shown in the tables below. We looked at a range of factors including actual Google ranking at the time of writing, backlink profiles, number of ranking keywords and quality of information supplied on each of the blogs.

The overall results breakdown is shown in the table below: