This Secret To Effective Blogging Has Been Around For Millennia

When you first start writing a blog, how much time do you give to entertaining? 50%, 10%?

Why am I asking you this? Because even though blogs can be many things – they should always be entertaining. The creative side of your content output. It is worth devoting as much as 90% of your blog to entertaining and the rest to what your reader can learn.

So the purpose of the blog is not just to educate but also to entertain and when education and entertainment are combined you get a powerful thing called edutainment.

Edutainment is nothing new. It has existed in human culture for thousands of years, ever since the first stories were being told next to the flickering flames of the camp fire.

The purpose of the tales told by these ancient story tellers was to teach and entertain the audience at the same time.

Children’s fairy stories have a moral story behind every adventure. Children and adults read them and they became popular because they also happened to entertain people as well.

Blogging has only been around in the mainstream since the late 1990s. Some website owners are still getting used to using the Internet to tell their stories. Sometimes the education will be there but not the entertainment.

For any blogger combining education and entertainment can sometimes be difficult. Sometimes blogs end up missing one of these foundations which results in readers who don’t stick around, high bounce rates (big SEO no no) and missed opportunities to gain a captive audience.

So before you begin writing that next blog for your business, ask yourself is this edutainment?