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Wrexham SEO Agency

We are a Wrexham SEO agency with expertise and more than 10 years experience providing SEO services to small, medium and large businesses across the UK and internationally.

Wrexham may be our home but this doesn’t stop us successfully helping our clients reach the top spots on Google search results and dramatically improving ROI from their websites.

Our experts have not only brought thousands of visitors to our client websites, we have also helped generate significant sales through effective targeting and winning SEO strategies.

From e-commerce websites to regional and international destinations, travel and b2b companies we have handled sites pulling in more than a million visits annually.

This wide experience of handling the SEO on websites ranging from small startups to established intentional companies has given us valuable insight and data which we use to help all our clients get the best out of their websites.

It also gives us a clear perspective when approaching campaigns allowing us to quickly establish strategies that will work best for your business.

  • We Remove Your SEO Bugs

    We use the latest SEO software to find anything that might be holding your website back in the search results. From 404 errors to duplicate title tags, redirect chains and crawl errors you can be confident we are on to them.

    We Remove Your SEO Bugs
  • We Fix SEO

    Our audits will pick up on everything that is wrong with your SEO even the stuff you can’t see. You can then rest assured we have the technology to identify where those errors are to fix them.

    We Fix SEO When It's Broken

Technical SEO

Technical SEO could be described as the nuts and bolts of an SEO campaign. The technical setup is the first thing to get right and most websites will have at least some technical issues that will impede performance in the search results.

We go through everything to make sure a website is set up correctly to allow it to reach its maximum potential in the search results. This includes crawling through your pages in the same way Google would and identifying any roadblocks or blind alleys.

User experience is extremely important and anything that detracts from this experience such as poor navigation, architecture and slow loading pages can have a significant effect.

Areas of focus typically include the following:

– Page redirects
– Removing 404 Errors
– Identifying and fixing broken links
– Site migration management
– Duplicate content removal
– Removal of spam links
– On-page SEO
– Page content audits

Technical SEO is often the most neglected or least understood part of the whole process. Yet SEO doesn’t really work without it, which is why we insist on carrying out all the required checks before proceeding to ensure there are no hidden problems that may undermine SEO efforts.

SEO Strategy

If you want to get ahead with SEO you’ll need a good strategy to succeed. There is no one size fits all SEO strategy but most campaigns consist of a focus on the following areas:

– Website content such as blogs and news posts
– Keyword research and optimising pages to target queries
– Link building
– Content Marketing
– Local SEO such as local citations, Google my business pages
– Data-driven SEO strategies

SEO campaigns often focus on one or more of the above to achieve the desired results and campaigns generally take from 3 to 6 months to yield results.

While SEO is often seen as something of a dark art, the reality is a strategy will include a fair share of more mundane work fixing broken areas of a website.

Time is often spent digging through data to find answers, then taking actions based on what the data is telling us. Then there is the more creative work that consists of coming up with content marketing ideas to gain attention and links.

These activities can often yield spectacular results if ideas are innovative enough and along with getting the technical SEO setup right, an SEO strategy that combines both the art and the technical side of SEO is often the quickest way to see results.

A good SEO strategy should above all pay for itself in the long run.

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