Electricians SEO Case Study

Doing SEO for electricians can be a tricky task with so much competition in most towns and cities in the UK. Electricians in Wrexham are no different of course, which is why I was asked to improve the search engine rankings for a local Wrexham Electrician.

At the time we took on this project, the website didn’t rank on page one for any keywords and certainly not for ‘electricians in Wrexham’ which is the keyword used in our case study.

Competition in Wrexham amongst electricians for the top slot is particularly fierce with some electrician companies having occupied the top spots for more than a decade with domains that have been in existence for 15 years in some cases. Then of course there was the Yell directory, which presents its own challenge on most local trades search results.

With domain age being a strong ranking factor and not something you can change as an SEO unless we develop the ability to go back in time, the focus on this campaign was to beat the competition on those areas that could be improved such as keyword usage, local citations and backlinks as well as ongoing monitoring and amendments to on-page SEO.

After a steady start we were able to improve the keyword ranking for ‘electrician wrexham’ by 10 places from 14th place on page 2 to third on page one over time.

Rankings will of course fluctuate but looking at the charts below, you can clearly see that in this case results have been maintained over an extended period of time without having to do SEO on a monthly basis.

This shows that once gained, keyword rankings can be maintained with the right approach to SEO.

If you run an electricians business and have a website with no online visibility or if you would like to improve your search engine rankings, why not give us a call?

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