SEO Audits

Comprehensive SEO audits covering all the key aspects of SEO performance.

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We don’t begin any SEO project until we have completed a full audit of your website to check for any issues that may be preventing the website from performing well in the search results. We use industry leading SEO tools to identify these issues and put them right first before we proceed on other more advanced areas of SEO.

As part of our standard SEO audit we:

– Identify any weaknesses that may be holding your website back
– Fix or suggest amendments for your web developer to fix
– See how your technical SEO stacks up against the competition

We Find & Fix Technical SEO Issues

We believe that every SEO campaign should start with an audit. This sets the benchmark for a transparent and measurable approach to SEO. A consultant will analyse your website for any issues that may impact on your search engine rankings and come up with an action plan.

Before we begin any SEO campaign we carry out an audit as part of the service and if you take out our entry level or advanced pay monthly package, you will get an SEO audit included free of charge when signing up for 12 months.

  • Benefits of an SEO Audit

    With our comprehensive SEO audit, you will find out exactly where your website stands on the search engines. A full website audit takes the guess work out of SEO and provides you with a useful benchmark. This will give you a true impression of where your website is now and where you want it to be.

    Benefits of an SEO Audit
  • What Do We Check?

    The SEO audit will include a detailed 27 point appraisal of areas that are important including page titles, meta tags, meta descriptions and urls. The audit doesn’t end there, we also look at the more technical aspects such as how well the website has been put together, the quality of the coding and responsiveness.

    What Do We Check?
  • What Happens Next?

    Think of our SEO audit service as a bit like an MOT for your car. We carry out the checks and you can either have them repaired by your current web developer/designer or have us work on the website to ensure that vital issues raised in the report are fixed to help you move your website business forward.

    What Happens Next?

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