We provide you with regular SEO and CRO reports to keep you on track and identify new opportunities. Measuring everything from Google rankings to conversion rates on PPC helps you get the best out of your digital marketing budget.

  • Measure the effectiveness of your digital marketing
  • Track visitors and engagement by city
  • Set benchmarks and track progress
  • Easy to understand reports
  • Gain real insight into online marketing performance

Old style SEO used to be fixated on keywords and traffic volume. This was in the bad old days when the technology wasn’t really there to measure who was visiting you website from where and how they got there in the first place. Now you have a wealth of information to mine about visitor information and even with tighter online privacy laws there is still more than enough intelligence to gather about your website visitors.

Tracking and cookies have to some extent become frowned upon by non-marketers who think it is an invasion of privacy.

SEO Analytics

Yet this misses everything good about tracking. Recording what visitors do when they enter a website is a crucial part of website improvement.

Evolution is necessary in this area as it is anywhere else. Having this Analytics intelligence in your hands is now a crucial part of the SEO mix.

Knowing what visitors are looking for and what attracts them to make an enquiry or persuades them to buy a product will only help grow and improve your online business. This is why Analytics is an integral part of advanced SEO campaigns. Getting to the next level means raising website performance levels and we will provide you with easy to understand reports for your business so that everyone can understand what’s happening.

Whether it’s good or bad news it is essential to know what your ROI is. Often the bad news can be more useful than the good as it is often through learning what isn’t working, you get to understand what does work.