We have helped hundreds of consultants, small and medium sized businesses improve their Google rankings over the years.  Local search is where we started out learning the SEO trade and it was our success in outranking the local competition that fist helped us launch an SEO business.

The demands of local search are very different to national and international SEO. Competition can either be light or extremely competitive. There is only so much space for a local business on the first page of Google and we have a strong track record helping businesses of all sizes get there in their local towns and cities.

  • Local Citations/ Directory Submissions
  • Google Business Listings
  • Local Pack
  • Local Press
  • Keyword research
  • Rank tracking
  • Monthly reports
  • Conversion rate optimisation
  • Competitor analysis

A local SEO strategy is focused on featuring prominently in local search results to attract customers in particular geographic areas. So before you begin with local SEO there is a decision to make. Do you optimise a website for local search to attract customers from the locality or do ambitions stretch further?

For some businesses, local SEO is enough and all the content of the website and the more technical aspects of SEO are set for particular towns or cities.

Local SEO or National SEO?

Deciding on a local SEO strategy means that you are happy with a good search presence in a limited number of towns and cities. For example you could be a service business such as a driving instructor who doesn’t want to travel further than a 25 mile radius to reach pupils.

A local search strategy is unlikely to be right for you if wish to appear in search results beyond your local area or specific towns and cities. For example if you own an ecommerce website that sells goods to people all over the country.

To appear high in search results in multiple towns and cities around the UK usually requires more than one website or an SEO strategy that will help you rank on a national level.

Try Our Low Cost Local SEO Plan

If you are a local business that just needs to be dominating the local search results, this perfectly achievable with our low-cost SEO plans. Simply contact us and tell us a bit about your website and what you want to achieve with it. We’ll then come up with a quote tailored to your requirements.

We don’t charge you anything for a quote (obviously) and we are happy to spend time discussing what your aims and objectives are.

A Proven SEO Formula That Actually Works

You can feel confident that we have a 100% success rate in improving the rankings of our client websites on Google search results.