Google May Penalise Expired Job Posts

Job posts on websites are fairly common and can help drive traffic to a website even if those jobs sometimes only exist as bait to get people on a website or make a business look successful enough to be recruiting.

Well Google is now going after companies who don’t remove their expired job listings from the index according to this update on Search Engine Land.

No reason is given as to why Google is targeting job posts but the assumption is that expired job posts are not going to offer a great user experience for job hunters.

Google’s advice on job postings is as follows:

“Jobs that are no longer open for applications must be expired in one of the following ways. Failure to take timely action on expired jobs may result in a manual action.”

While this may not result in a sitewide penalty it may result in your job schema markup not being visible in search results in the future.

Schema markup is a set of tags often referred to as microdata which is used on a website to improve the way search results are displayed in SERPS. Here is an example of how sites that have schema markup have jobs displayed in search results taken from the Google Developers page.

Google Penalty Job Posts

In an effort to warn and advise site owners, Google has updated advice in its Webmaster Guidelines on how to deal with expired job posts including; the removal of schema JobPosting markup, adding noindex meta tags, or removing the page so that it returns a 404.