Do Search Engine Submissions Have Any Link Or SEO Value?

Search engine submissions are often suggested as a way to build links to your website. Submitting a website to a search engine is actually quite straightforward and free.

But is it an effective way to increase your rankings on the search engines that matter?

The straightforward answer to this is no. Manually submitting your site to search engines beyond Google and Bing isn’t necessary. It may not even be necessary to submit your website to Google or Bing if your website is attracting links from other websites because Google’s search engine crawls and indexes pages by following links.

So the chances are Google and Bing will find your website anyway without you having to go through the manual submission process. That said, if you have a new website, it is likely to get indexed faster if you manually submit your site to search engines.

Rather than getting too hung up about submitting to the thousands of search engines that exist today, your time would be better to spent creating a webmaster tools account on either
Google or Bing. At least way you will gain tangible benefits.

The benefits are unlikely to include a higher ranking though this can happen if your website is in a niche industry or a local business where competition is not particularly hot. The biggest benefit of setting up webmaster tools accounts on Google and Bing is the ability to track your search engine presence.

Setting up Webmaster Tools account will not only submit your website to those search engines, it will also give you a point of reference on how your website is performing from day one.
As soon as your website is visible on the leading search engines, manually submitting to smaller search engines becomes less important because those search engines will eventually find your website anyway.

This is not to say that submitting to multiple search engines will do your website any harm. It may even result in additional backlinks that will be logged by Google and Bing and contribute towards your website’s visibility online.

There are plenty of search engine submission services out there and there is certainly no need to pay a fee for them. Some are actually included with hosting packages as extras and cost nothing.

With backlinks still an important part of the SEO mix, taking advantage of these automated submissions (if they happen to be free) will take care of some basic link building leaving you to focus on creating the inbound links most likely to help increase your ranking on the major search engines.

The most important thing to remember with link building is to look for quality over quantity. Gaining an audience for your website requires more than simply hunting around for easy backlinks. Often the easier it is to gain those links, the less effective they will be in helping you achieve your goal of getting to page one.

One good inbound link is probably worth more than a thousand obscure search engine submissions or links that are not earned.

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