Best SEO Companies In the UK

Have you ever wanted to find a reliable SEO company that not only says it can achieve great results for your site but is able to achieve this goal for their own website?  Here are the agencies we think are the Best SEO companies in the UK right now based on company size,  how many keywords they have ranked, their positions for the keywords you would expect the best SEO companies to rank for in Google search results.

Most SEO companies are going to promise you similar results for your business right?

Top 10 Best SEO Companies

We are the only site that updates our top 10 on a monthly basis. The table below shows number of ranking keywords together with placings for most popular SEO related keywords. 


Company Ranking Keywords  ‘SEO’ ‘SEO Company’   ‘Best SEO Company’
SEO Professor 1200   5 6
SEO Works  859   4 4
Screaming Frog 2900      
Found 1300      
Red Evolution 1000 9    
Jellyfish 714      
Superb Digital 657      
KD Web 406      
123ranking 229   9  
seoco 188      
Cartoozo 166      
Rankno1 130   8  

    SEO company based in Wrexham. Services include PPC SEO and CRO. This company has 33 prime high ranking keywords and ranks on page one of Google for most SEO UK related searches on a national level. This company is currently number one based on having the most SEO related keywords on page one relative to business size. SEO PRofessor is the only SEO freelancer to feature in the top 10 in the UK. 


    A new entry to the list is dedicated search marketing company SEO Works which has offices in Sheffield Leeds and London. Services include SEO and PPC management. The agency has a large team employed in both these areas and has won multiple awards for its services. The company also has a solid presence in national search results for key SEO search terms.  


    Digital marketing company with offices in Henley on Thames. The company also has a popular website SEO spider tool which is offered in free and paid versions. Coming in at 3 for ‘SEO service’ it is surprising this company doesn’t rank higher in the search results. They offer a handy website crawling tool which none of the other agencies offer and also an SEO service. 


    Large London based Digital marketing company. Services include SEO, PPC, digital pr and content. This company have been around for a while and have more than 1,000 ranking keywords. They don’t rank in the top places for any of the prime SEO keywords so they are less likely to be found than their competitors but still up there with the best nonetheless.


    Digital marketing company with offices in London Newcastle and Aberdeen. Services include web design SEO, PPC, social media and content marketing. This company ranks 5th nationally for SEO which is a good achievement and they also have 1,000 ranking keywords in total.


    Digital marketing company that describe themselves as offering a cheap SEO services. The company has its hq in Leicester. They rank number one for SEO service and have several hundred other ranking keywords.


    SEO, PPC and web design company with an office in Dorchester. The company promises to solve ‘SEO problems in an hour’. While they don’t rank number one for SEO or any of the other prime keywords they do rank 4th for SEO service. This puts them 7th in our top 10.


    Multinational digital marketing company with offices all over the world. They don’t rank for any of the main SEO related keywords but they do have more than 700 ranking keywords which puts them amongst the big hitters in SEO.


    Another general digital marketing that does everything with an office in Bristol. Superb.. Digital are in our top 10 on the basis of the number of ranking keywords. They don’t currently rank high for any of the major SEO keywords.


    London based general digital marketing offering branding web design and other services in addition to SEO. As above we’re ranking them in the top 10 on the basis of them having 406 ranking keywords.

How did we find out which is the best SEO company in the UK?

SEO is very much an industry based on trust. If you are talking to the representative of an SEO company you want to hear and see certain reassuring facts like what they achieved for themselves, their clients and  any awards.

The latter can sometimes be taken with a pinch of salt unless the award is nationally or internationally recognised. To be put forward for some awards also requires than business to be well know in the first place or of a sufficient size to be recognised.

When choosing an SEO company for your project you will not only want to trust them to do the job they promised you want to trust that the person working on your project has the experience and ability to rank your site on the first page or better.

How can an SEO company demonstrate they have the ability to get your site ranking well?

Ranking their own businesses in the positions where people looking for SEO can find them is a good indicator and the one we think is the most reliable even if it shouldn’t be the only measure you look at.

Client lists featuring big brands can sometimes be misleading because these brands will already have plenty of authority in their niches.

There will be lots of variables to consider when choosing an SEO company and some may be more important to you than others. We could look for example at the size of the company.

We could look at things like annual turnover or the number of staff they have in house but none of this tells us how good they are when it comes to the sort of results their SEO service is capable of getting either.

We must consider who might be working on your particular project. Will it be the SEO expert who works miracles on their site? These are all considerations and questions to ask when signing up with one of the top SEO agencies or any SEO company for that matter.

This brings us to value for money…

Like any other profession hiring the best SEO in the UK to work on your project is going to cost you but you should naturally expect them to get the results you want.

If your budget doesn’t stretch that far then you may look towards the lowest quote. Or perhaps you could consider a freelance consultant prepared to dedicate extra time and effort to your project without your fee also having to cover the additional overheads that come with having to pay lots of staff and salespeople.

To compile our top 10 SEO companies we looked purely at the number of ranking keywords these companies have and the rankings they have achieved for what could be considered the prime keywords in the SEO business.

We used SEMrush to get the information on the number of keywords because it’s the most reliable measure out there and a simple google search at a national level to find where the websites rank for prime keyword targets if at all.