Founded in 2010, our focus has always been on building an SEO service that works for all our clients 

When SEO Professor launched in 2010, the focus was on getting the basics right for clients and building from a strong platform of outstanding web content. That focus hasn’t changed and I still believe that despite many search engine updates, doing things the right organic way always pays off.

There are lots myths and smokescreens around SEO activities but SEO isn’t rocket science, it’s a series of tasks that need to be done regularly to ensure that a website maintains a good presence on the search engines.

Website owners only encounter problems when they don’t get the basics right or they try to latch on to shortcuts that never work, at least not in the longer term. Like the story of the hare and the tortoise, it’s the tortoise that wins in the end as long as the tortoise is moving in the right direction.

As Google is by far the most popular search engine in the UK, this generally means following the rules of that search engine and then finding ways to gain an advantage over the competition. Any effective SEO campaign needs to bring together web design, development and marketing as well as the more technical aspects of SEO.So to work effectively SEO is not about doing just one thing, it is about all the cogs on the wheel of online marketing working together.

Get one bit wrong and the whole point of having a website ends up getting lost in confusion or ignorance about what is working and what isn’t working.

There is no way anyone can guarantee that you will be top of Google for your keywords. The search engine is driven by artificial intelligence so figuring out what such sophisticated technology is going to do from one day to the next is impossible to predict, so much so that even Google themselves don’t know. But there is certainly a lot that can be done to give a website a chance to hit that all-important top spot by understanding what that search engine is likely to be looking for, the websites it rewards and the hidden technical issues it often penalises.

Done well, search engine optimisation is about being fully transparent about the work being done and constant monitoring. Only then can a website achieve a high or number one position for genuinely important key words. We have worked for many years to make this process as transparent and accountable as it has to be to justify investment in it.

Identifying the keywords and phrases that will drive traffic to your site, increasing conversions and developing a long term strategy to get the best return on your investment are the lynch pins of how we do things.

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