5 WordPress SEO Plugins You Should Have Under The Bonnet

WordPress is one of the best and most popular content management systems out there. It also offers plugins that will allow you to do just about anything with your website including basic search engine optimisation. Here are five of the best ones, including my favourite WordPress SEO plugin for 2012 that should get you optimising your web pages like a pro.

1. Google XML Sitemaps

First things first, before embarking on any seo campaign it is important to make sure you make it easy for Google’s search engine to index your pages and your blog. Tried and trusted Google XML Sitemaps makes it easy for you to generate an xml sitemap not just for Google but all the other major search engines.

2. All in One Webmaster

This is a plugin I stumbled upon fairly recently and after some initial scepticism as to how effective it would be, I was pleasantly surprised. Installing this plugin will eliminate the need to fiddle around with the code elements of your pages and if you’re a novice it will help you submit site to all the major search engines in one click. It also comes with 5 built-in analytics options including Google.

3. W3 Total Cache

After attending webinar organised by Jared Croslow of cliconomics.com recently I was pointed in the direction W3 Total Cache, a handy and free WordPress Plugin that speeds up performance by improving page load times and caching the content of your site. This is particularly useful now that we know Google is monitoring the performance of websites and taking the quality of what it sees into account.

4. Broken Link Checker

Broken links are to SEO what faulty spark plugs are to a car, they are bad news and will see any website, WordPress or otherwise, fail to perform to its full potential and at worst, if it’s an important page, lose any search engine traction altogether. Thankfully Broken Link Checker will do the hard work for you and help you to find where the problems are so they can be fixed fast.

And my favourite WordPress SEO plugin for 2012 is…

5. Push Button SEO

This is a hidden gem of a plugin I unearthed at the cliconomics webinar on panda proofing your WordPress website. This is probably one of the most time saving SEO plugins out there at the moment. I’m happy to pay for things if they genuinely save me time and this one does just that

It not only has a reporting function to tell you where you are going right or wrong with your SEO efforts, it also has mini search engine that allows you to source video and blog content as well as other relevant info for your blog

This will help create those all-important links to other sites in your blogosphere that will, if they return the favour, boost your own efforts.

Do you have any useful WordPress SEO plugins to add to this list? If so please post them below:

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