3 Lethal SEO Mistakes That Will Kill Your Website

Over Optimised Anchor Text

This is a new entry to our list of website SEO no no’s. It involves creating a hyperlink to your own website from an external source and adding your keyword in its title – and doing it again and again.

This often results in a direct penalty from Google. Worse still you will end up spending months removing low quality links and trying to resubmit to Google to put things right again. A Google penalty is difficult to recover from.

Avoid this website killer by using naked or contextual hyperlinks instead.

Keyword Stuffing

It still surprises me to find that there are website owners who repeat keywords more times than they should on their web pages. Even companies who claim to offer search engine optimisation services.

It will not bring any SEO benefit doing this and could get the website red-flagged by Google. Focus on creating natural content instead of writing for the search engines.

Having No SEO Strategy And Trying To Rank For Everything

Nobody wins a war without a strategy. Getting a website to outrank the competition involves a series of battles which only the SEO with the best strategy can win. There is no nuclear bomb solution and you will not crush established competition in a few weeks.

It is better to focus on winning the small battles that lead to the big victories.

The best advice with SEO is to give it time. Sometimes it can take a year to see real results that start to bring you business.

Have you ever suffered a Google penalty? Please leave your comments below, I would be interested to hear them.