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SEO isn’t about writing a few blogs, filling your web pages with keywords and hoping for the best. If it was that simple, every site would be on the first page of Google search results. To get results you need a sound strategy and you need to measure performance. As the old saying goes in business, if you’re not measuring it, you’re not managing it.

There is only so much room at the top of the organic search results and it takes a lot of experience and knowhow to get your website there unless your site has no competition online and who can say that nowadays?

We are well equipped to handle all aspects of SEO such as technical on-page optimisation, link building, keyword rank tracking as well as website audits.

Our focus isn’t just on obsessing over keyword rankings although much of our work is measured on this aspect. It’s about how well your website is working to help grow your business. If you’re bringing in 3x the traffic then you want to be bringing in 3x the sales like the example on this page. 

A website that works well will bring in sales for you 7 days a week 365 days a year without you having to leave the office.

This is why our SEO strategies are always about results and return on investment. Our service should more than pay for itself and be seen as an investment, not a cost.

Our comprehensive SEO services include:

Metadata Edits
We make sure all pages have unique meta titles and descriptions. These are the snippets you will see in the search results so it is vital to get these right.

Google Search Console and Google Analytics
These free tools provided by Google are a goldmine of information about your website. We use these tools to find potential issues such as manual actions missing sitemaps and so on.

We have the in-house expertise to offer a comprehensive web content service which includes assessing length and quality of content per page, assessing keyword density. We can also find duplicated content or produce content that is targeted to the queries your site visitors will be using.

Keyword Research
We have advanced tools that can provide comprehensive keyword research. We can find the number of keywords your site ranks for and we can also compare this with your competition.

Page Speed
Site load speed is an important metric to use when analysing web site performance. Slow sites offer a poor user experience that may filter into poor performance on Google search.

Local SEO
Effective local SEO is critical if you want to feature in the search results in your local area. We can look at areas such as local citations and NAP data to make sure they are consistent.

Backlink audits
How do your inbound links stack up against your competition? Inbound links are one of the most important ranking factors. We can assess how good your links are how many you have compared to the competition and source potential link opportunities using our SEO tools.

Technical SEO
Our comprehensive SEO auditing tools will quickly find errors that may be holding back your website on Google search. Issues like broken links, 404 errors and duplicate content can all impact on performance. We can find and fix these issues for you.

Let us be your partner. We’ll do a great job together.